Riff (radio rock)
Creation of the official website for the webradio Riff

I developped the website for this french rock radio in late 2010/early 2011 on my free time. The aim was to create a dynamic website that the whole staff could update easily, with special, customized admin rights. The website had to have numerous social features both for the listeners (polls, comments, PMs etc.) and for the staff, as well as a whole lot of advanced features such as interoperability with the forum, display of what's on air, etc.

While the engine used for this website is originally in english, the whole UI has been entirely translated to French, as needed by the webradio.

The whole site and the vast majority of the graphics (except for logos) were made by me. I also took care of the search-engine optimization, which allowed for 30% more visibility compared to the previous website.

The website is now quite old (nearly ten years as of this writing) and as such, is lagging behind current web standards. However, being solid, reliable and flexible, it's still in use today and doing its job, having only been complemented by a tiny mobile website for smartphones, which I also developped.


Riff Player
Creation of the audio streaming client for the webradio Riff (Windows app)

Developped during the year 2009 and still regularly updated, Riff Player is the official player for the webradio Riff. It offers various features, some of which representing interesting novelties for such a player. Among other things, it includes an alarm clock, can start playing automatically when a live show begins, allows for direct access to the chat, offers a selection of audio qualities etc. It used to be compatible with Windows Live Messenger (displaying the "Listening to" message) when the service was still alive, and overall just represents a practical and easy-to-use way to listen to the radio. The UI, however, has been designed by a third party. Riff Player works with all major Windows versions, from Windows XP to Windows 10 included.

It is another testimony of a tailor-made developpment, from A to Z, with a large range of features and long time support, as it is still being supported some 9 years later, with new updates coming when needed. While the software is nearly entirely in French, as required by the webradio, it has been developped with multilingual support in mind and could easily support more languages if need be.


Tous fans d'Ibra
Creation of an unofficial website about soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Created in just a few days in 2015 and powered by WordPress, this admittedly short-lived website (from 2015 to 2016) was designed with the aim of monetizing the digital real-estate of the pages. The player having left the French championship at the end of the 2016 season, he mostly fell off the radar of the French public, leading to the early demise of the website.

It was, however, a great occasion to work on several aspects that are relevant to today's web: reactive design, social networks integration (twitter) etc.... It was also a way to work on three different languages at the same time, the content being written in French but many informations about the player being initially only available in English or Swedish.



Passmark Memtest86
Translation, debugging aid and QA for a computer hardware diagnostic tool.

Memtest86 from Passmark Software is a RAM diagnostic tool used by many IT techs. This software is very technical in nature due to being very "close to metal" and was one of my very first projects in IT as a technical translator, back in 2014.

Apart from translating the software to French - with a specific constraint of having very limited amount of characters - I also helped the team find and correct UI-related bugs and problems linked to multilingual support.

I also took care of the quality assurance after translating the software, making sure that every string I translated worked in the context and displayed properly on any user's screen. As such, it represents an important milestone and a good example in showing the advantages of marrying a standard translation work with a more technical role linked to IT knowledge. This is where a translator with a strong IT background comes in handy: this project can be regarded as a testimony of the added value of being able to go beyond just translating and having a more global overview of a software localization project.