Down with the language barrier!

Multilingual services in english/swedish/french for private individuals and businesses

On this website, you will find translation services from English and Swedish to French as well as a variety of other services related to language. Whether you are a private individual, a non-profit or a for-profit organization, or even a public administration, I will be happy to discuss of all your projects requiring language skills.  Together, let's see how I can help your project succeed. With IT, languages and audio/video technologies as my main interests, I aim to help you break through the French-speaking market by letting you overcome the language barrier. Building on 11 years of experience, a high level of flexibility and a commitment to focusing on details, I am as used to working for global companies as for very small businesses and even private individuals. I also regularly collaborate with translation agencies, both in France and abroad. My main areas of expertise are described hereafter.

Technical translations

I am first and foremost a technical translator. This means that I am specialized in areas that are not linked to literature, works of art or fiction. Technical translations often require a strong background in the subject of the document, I have elected to specialize in several areas about which I am actually passionate, so that I can guarantee the highest level of quality through solid knowledge which I constantly keep up to date.

As such, I am particularly at ease when it comes to computers, IT and high tech in general, consumer electronics, as well as media, audiovisual and broadcast technologies (audio & video hardware etc.) I also have a strong knowledge in the areas of education, training, public administrations/governments and some legal issues.

Naturally, today's technical translators need to be as flexible as possible. As such, I can also help you in a large range of other topics, having experience in many different areas, from architectural building products to balance sheets, to private people's résumés.

Feel absolutely free to contact me with your project. Whichever it is, I will be happy to discuss its feasability with you.

Literary translations

When an author or a publisher wants a work of art to be available to the French market, this is who they refer to: half language engineers and half artists, literary translators are the people who allow culture to cross borders.

Literary translation is not only about books. We also take care of plays, animated series, movies and even video games. I myself have worked on projects in some of these areas with a flair for vivid, modern dialogues. As such, unbeknownst to them, many people have already read my writings e.g. in the form of dialogues in their favorite video games. I will be happy to work with you on your localization, transcreation or adaptation projects regarding works of art. Together, we can make your story palatable to the French public.

And much more!

Apart from translation, I strive to offer various multilingual services, in particular related to IT projects. Let's do whatever it takes to get rid of the language barrier!

Need a multilingual website? Sure, why not? Need QA and debugging for your multilingual piece of software or video game? Can do! Need a tailor-made app? Let's talk!

As an IT enthusiast, a hobbyist developer and a real media/broadcast nuts - in particular regarding everything radio-related - my love for technology allows me to offer much more than mere translations. I am proud to call myself a geek, and hope to be able to help you make the most of the digital world in an age of global, multilingual society. Feel free to refer to my portfolio to get a glimpse of the kind of solutions I can bring to you. And if any question remains unanswered, feel free to contact me.


Gauthier Casimiro holds a Master's Degree in linguistics (European Languages & Cultures) from the Université de Caen Normandie (France).

He has been a freelance translator since 2013, with a company incorporated in France in the form of a French micro-enterprise (i.e. self-employed) also known under the commercial name Midsommar.

The company is located at the 33D Rue du Bout Guesdon in the city of Ifs, France. Its EU VAT ID is FRZU795052794.

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