Please note: I only offer translations from English and Swedish to French. I will not offer any translation to English or Swedish. Like all my colleagues following best practices as established by the French Society of Translators, I translate exclusively toward my native language. My native language is French. It is the only language for which I can guarantee such a level of quality (e.g. regarding idiomas, syntax, style etc.) that it is publishable in a professional context.

Direct clients

Direct clients are private people, non-profits, companies, public administrations etc. seeking a translation for their own needs or that of their members. In general, any person or organization is a direct client, except for translation agencies, i.e. companies making a profit off delivering translations to other clients.

My rates depend on various criteria, in particular the source language (english vs. swedish), how technical the text, what is the subject matter of the text, how it is organized (long paragraphs cs. lots of small strings), what is the deadline, and of course, how long the text is. As such, I cannot present a fixed rate on this page.

So as to offer a rough order of magnitude, here are some informations: rates are fixed by source word, or hourly, depending on the task. In general, the rates per source word vary from 11 (euro) cents to 18 (euro) cents, and slightly more in USD, to account for exchange rates. The rates are usually significantly higher for swedish-to-french translations, compared to english-to-french.

These numbers are just an indication. Any quote can end up presenting higher or lower numbers, depending on the specificities of the project.

I will be happy to offer a free quote, please contact me either via the online form on this website or directly by email. Please prepare as much informations regarding your project as possible (source language, amount of source words, deadline, topic, content...) If you feel comfortable doing so, you can attach your project directly in your email for a faster and more accurate estimation. Your content will remain strictly confidential, whether we move forward with your project or not.

Translation agencies

Translation agencies are welcome. I have been working with various agencies in France and abroad and am open to new collaborations with agencies.

For obvious confidentiality reasons, I cannot state my rates to agencies here. Moreover, these rates can vary depending on, among other things, the currency, payment deadlines, nature of the projects etc. Please also keep in mind that additional fees can arise off emergency/rush jobs, and that minimum rates are applied to smaller projects. Please also take note that rates are, on average, about 25 to 33% higher for Swedish-to-French translations than for English-to-French.

I will also be happy to offer editing/proofreading services.

My rates and conditions are similar to those witnessed on average in the industry. Please contact me for more information.

Pro bono

I am a proud member of Translators without borders. In this context, I offer free translations from time to time for non-profit, charities and humanitarian NGOs.

Outside of this framework, I can occasionally deliver translations free of charge or at a much reduced price, at my own discretion, exclusively for non-profits and only if a) the project is not political, religious nor linked to a lobbying effort, and b) the organization cannot afford to pay a translator at standard rates.

Other services

For a quote regarding any service outside the scope of ordinary translation (IT, computers, linguistic QA, web...), please contact me about your project so that we can discuss together whether it is feasible and at what cost.